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Bleeding Triage Kit

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  • Treat basic bleeding wounds
  • Includes a a tightening Triangular bandage and a back-up limb tourniquet, a blood-clotting  hemostatic granule packet, and an absorbent Hema-Seal Trauma Dressing
  • Comes in an easy tear-open bag
Details & Contents


The Bleeding Triage Kit is designed with the primary tools to aid a first responder bystander during a bleeding event before professional help arrives.


The Bleeding Triage Kit provides the basic tools to assist a victim with bleeding wounds. It is equipped with a tightening Triangular bandage and a back-up limb tourniquet, a blood-clotting hemostatic granule packet, an absorbent Hema-Seal Trauma Dressing, and additional wound dressings. Also included is a pair of protective nitrile exam gloves. The kit comes in an easy tear-open bag.

  • Employee Count .....
  • 1 - 24


  • UPC .....
  • 092265911337


(1) Easy Tear-open Bag; (1) Triangular Bandage, 40" x40" x56"; (1) Back-up Elastic Tourniquet; (1) Hemostatic Blood-Clotting Granule packet, 2g.; (1) Sterile Hema-Seal Dressing Wrap; (2) Trauma Pad Dressing, 5"x9"; (2) Protective Nitrile Exam Glove; (1) Sterile Conforming Gauze Roll, 4" x 4 yd.; (1) First Aid Tape, 1/2" x 5 yd; (1) Bleeding Control Product Usage Guideline
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