A Unique Look You Won’t Forget.

This innovative system makes re-stocking your supplies easy, convenient and less expensive.

We know it’s unique looking. We planned it that way.

Glaring yellow and black. No doubt about it, the design for our SmartTab ezRefill™ System is certainly memorable.

But we have a good reason: We want it to be noticeable to help you take full advantage of this convenient system.

How it works and how you benefit.

As you use your first aid and/or emergency preparedness supplies, SmartTabs will remind you to reorder the supplies you’re running low on. Simply use the information on the tab to reorder the correct supply.

For individual consumers, it makes finding and refilling the right supplies—in the right quantities—a snap.

For businesses, it simplifies the reorder process and saves you money—as much as 30%—over other restocking service models.

How it’s better than traditional restocking methods.

Simplicity. The SmartTab ezRefill System’s yellow and black reminder tabs let you know when it’s time to reorder what you need. No more guessing.

Cost. Our SmartTab ezRefill System has very low overhead, so we’re able to pass those savings to you. For consumers, this means lower costs for items that are made to fit the kit you have. For businesses, this means a savings of up to 30% off traditional van services and contractual obligations.

Convenience. The SmartTab ezRefill System gives you reorder information at the right time. No more grabbing for a supply and discovering you no longer have it in your kit, or being overstocked on supplies you don’t need.


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